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Sequences 2 - Generating Sequences - Year 9 Online Learning Walkthrough

Please answer the questions as they come up in the presentation below, and mark your work where answers are given.

For help, scroll down for the correct video as indicated. Don't click on the video icon as this will just take you to the next slide!

If you are finding it easy, take the opportunity to jump ahead when prompted.

Remember, the levels of difficulty are indicated in the top corner:

If you are in the GREEN group, you will be answering and handing in GREEN questions at the end of the topic, with PURPLE questions as extension. 

If you are in the PURPLE group, you will be answering and handing in PURPLE questions at the end of the topic, with PURPLE+ questions as extension.


Video 1 GREEN

Video 2 GREEN

Video 3 PURPLE

Video 4 PURPLE

Video 5 PURPLE

Video 6 PURPLE

Video 7 PURPLE